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Pure Polymers Saving Lives with Antimicrobial Additives

How many plastic objects do you handle every day?

Phone covers, pens, drink bottles, keyboards, light switches, desks, chairs, toilet seats…the list goes on. We use plastics in almost every area of life and all of these items can become sources of infection. Once contaminated, standard plastics can continue to spread COVID-19 for up to three days.

By including an antimicrobial additive in the production process, plastic manufacturers can make sure their products are resistant to all kinds of nasties, including bacteria, fungi, algae, and even COVID-19! According to scientists, this simple, cost-effective measure can reduce COVID-19 viability to just four hours.

Antimicrobial polymers are also crucial for creating effective PPE. Many of us are wearing face masks to reduce the risk of COVID-19. But did you know that face masks themselves can be a source of viral transmission?

With antimicrobial plastics, we can produce reusable face masks and dramatically reduce the risk of infection from disposable masks.

Of course, antimicrobial additives aren’t just great during a pandemic. Antimicrobial polymers provide a wide range of benefits in all kinds of applications, including:

- accelerating healing from wound dressings

- reducing odor in synthetic fibers and sportswear

- eliminating mold and unsightly stains from house paint.

Pure Polymers offers the most extensive range of antimicrobial additives on the market.

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