is also called fluorescent whitening agents.

is also called fluorescent whitening agents.


These Masterbatches are added in polymers to reduce yellowing, improved whiteness, and to enhance the brightness of a product. These Masterbatches work via a fluorescent mechanism that absorbs light in the UV spectrum and emits light in the blue region of visible spectrum to yield a brighter and fresher appearance.

Optical Brightener MB is specifically used for imparting whiteness and brightness to the plastic products without any bluer tone. With an excellent composition of bis-benzoxazole type organic derivative and poly-olefin polymer, this type of masterbatch is also responsible for minimizing the yellowing of end product. This masterbatch has the capability of re-emitting blue light with absorption of ultraviolet radiation.


Supplies a full line of optical brighteners for both water-soluble and solvent-soluble applications. Optical brighteners have a unique characteristic of being clear under normal conditions and visible when excited in the UV range. Optical Brightener Masterbatch is often used to enhance the whiteness of plastics.

Optical Brightener benefits:

We have developed our Optical Brighteners Masterbatch specifically for a multitude of polymer and resin systems to ensure you the best possible performance. we are also Manufacturer of Optical Brighteners including Invisible Fluorescents for use in security and special effects.

• Improve initial color

• Get brilliancy of colored articles

• Contain highly concentrated Brightener chemicals

• It gives smooth & glossy surface of film

• Improves optical properties

• Bring bright look of finished material

• Gi ve neutrality to reprocess plastic granules

• Imparts bluish-purple tint

• Improve whiteness of recycled polymer

• Composed of bis-benzoxazole

• Reduce yellowing of plastic products

• Enhance the whiteness and brightness

• Absorbs UV radiation

• Re- emit blue light

• No bluer tone in the product

• Improves optical properties

• Contains highly concentrated brightener chemicals


• Agriculture: Blown Film / Cast Film / Raffia

• Consumer Products: Injection molding, Blow molding

• Flexible Packaging: Extrusion process,

• Healthcare & Hygiene: Extrusion process Injection molding Blow molding

• Fibers: Moulding process / Article Products

• Molded thermoplastic: Moulding process / Article Product

• Extruded Products: Films, Net, all extrusion process

• Rotomoulding: all application in rotomoulding