Pure Polymers Particpate in Saudi PPPP from 27th Feb to 2nd of March 2017

Pure Polymers Factory will participate in Saudi PPPP 2017, at Jeddah Exhibition Center from 27 Feb to 02 Mar 2017.  The  exhibit has seen increasing visits and attention from many customers and specialists from various countries. The exhibition is one of the largest specialized exhibitions in the region, where top international companies specialized from various countries will particpate

PURE POLYMERS developed new Anti-microbial masterbatch in Saudi Arabia with a cooperation with IONPURE, Japan

At low addition rates they offer excellent protection against bacteria, biofilm, fungi and mould, for the lifetime of the final plastic product. PURE POLYMERS antimicrobial masterbatch requires no changes to your manufacturing process and can be added at the dosing stage, without affecting the appearance of the end product.


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© 2018 Pure Polymers. all rights reserved.