Wherever the heat is on, effective flame retardation is a necessity: In fields such as electronic and electrical engineering, construction and transport as well as in the textile sector and in many applications using films or sheets, flame retardant, and additives are needed in plastics processing to comply with national and international flammability regulations such as Halogenated flame retardants The energy-rich H- and OH-radicals produced in the event of a fire are neutralized and thus are made unavailable for further reactions. act in the gaseous phase by interrupting the radical reaction mechanism for best results.

Brominated flame-retardants are the most effective in terms of performance and costs and can be used for a broad variety of applications. Their high level of efficacy and relatively low addition rate means that the properties of the polymers with this flame-resistant finish are less adversely affected than in other systems, the large number of available additives with their different properties and interactions with polymers demand a high degree of expertise in order to achieve the optimum flame-resistant finish for the plastic components.


Our team supplies the experience gained from many years of developing and producing flame-retardant masterbatches and compounds together with expert advice on the best solution for your application