Designed to eliminate humidity and enhance extrusion and inject ion processes High-performance desiccant masterbatch designed to eliminate humidity and enhance ext rusion and injec t ion processes.


Pure Polymers moisture absorber masterbatch is provided in pellet form with a high concentration of active agents and excellent dispersion into the end product Benefits of using this product include:

• Residual moisture removal

• Solves and avoids problems during the process such as fisheyes, holes, and grooves.


Pure Polymers defoaming masterbatch also known as a desiccant masterbatch or suction masterbatch, the appearance is off-white granules. It is a new kind of functional masterbatch that solve the moisture problem.


It can absorb the moisture strongly in the plastic, eliminating the bubbles, crack, speckle, and other questions caused by moisture. Defoaming masterbatch is no harmful for physical and mechanical properties, and ensure the product quality and yield, improve the sound field efficiency and reduce consumption.


Pure Polymers desiccant masterbatch will help you in the process for No need for drying process anymore to the plastic raw material / It can absorb the water equivalent of %20 of its own weight/You can use the ordinary equipment and no need to change the processing technic/lt is non-toxic tasteless, non-corrosive and harmless to humans/It can improve the mechanics' property and appearance of plastic products largely/It helps to reduce the costs and increase profits.