The appearance of manufactured product, assuming that it fulfills its principal function, is its most important attribute, influences its marketability. Of all the visual aspects, color is perhaps the most important to the observer. A poor color or a variation in color in a given batch of product is perceived as being a sign of poor quality. The appearance and color, therefore, constitutes the essential message of the product. The three elements influencing this are the Light Source. The Object. The Observer.

Colorimetry tries to translate the visual judgment of the human observer into objective values, in color vision, the visual sensation interprets the impression of color on the basis of:

  • 1


    This is the visual sensation that gives rise to color names such as, violet, blue, green, red, purple, etc.

  • 2

    Saturation or purity

    This specifies the magnitude of the colored character of an object in contrast to white, which is achromatic.

  • 3


    This is the visual attribute by which an object appears to be more or less bright or to transmit more or less light.

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