is a concentrate of high molecular weight Polyisobutylene tackifier in linear low-density polyethylene. It is used as a cling agent to make stretch wrap films from LLDPE or LOPE. It is a dry free-flowing pellet


Pure Polymers Cling Masterbatch

is designed to produce a stretch film from LLDPE, LOPE, or other polyolefins for the applications of pallet wrap, silage wrap, and food wrap. It can be used in both blown or cast film process. Polymers used with Pure Polymers Cling MB must not contain any slip or antiblock additives or have a density higher than 0.923 as this will prevent the migration of the cling additive. Migration time for good cling properties fs 72-24 hours.

Recommended Addition Rates:

Pure Polymers Cling MB masterbatch range is based on Polyisobutylene technology and It can be used in both blown and cast film processes with mono & multi-layers structures. It delivers cling strengths such as Peel cling Strength, Lap cling Strength, or Retack ability.