For haze reduction or to improve clarity ls based on third-generation sorbitol derivative used In PP Homopolymer as well as In PP Random Copolymer.

• Clarifiers P promote Nucleation throughout Polymer Melt & The Spherulites that are created are Small enough to allow Light Waves to Pass Without Scattering Them & bringing transparency in PP.


• Clarifier Masterbatches improves cycle time, higher definition temperature, flexural modulus, stiffness & impact strength in PP. It also promotes faster crystallization.

• Pure Poly Clarifier MB are having %10 active content & are as per Food Safety Regulation acts. Used at let down ratio %3-% 1.5 depending on Part Thickness & Process employed.


• Clarifier Masterbatches are used for PP films used in packaging, PP Food & storage Containers, blow moulded bottles & also Injection moulded parts. advice on the best solution for your application