Get more out of your plastics Chemical blowing agents are reactive additives that release gases during the processing of thermoplastics. Thus, they enable the production of foamed plastic for various applications. Gases develop by means of a thermally activated decomposition reaction that occurs during the processing of the masterbatch, generating a stable and defined plastic foam. With chemical blowing agents, a general distinction is made between endothermal and exothermal systems, each of which has different characteristics. Our experts will conduct a thorough consultation to determine which solution is the right one for your application.


Pure Polymers blowing agent masterbatch for a controlled reaction when exposed to heat and shear these blowing agents decompose and release non-toxic gases.

In many cases these gases are carbon dioxide and water vapor - the most common active agents are carbonates and carboxylic acids.

Since externally supplied heat is consumed during the reaction, these products are called endothermal blowing agents.

The advantage with these products is that gas formation stops at any time when the energy supply is interrupted and can be restarted in a controlled manner.

Pure Polymers blowing agent masterbatch properties:-