Anti-Fog Masterbatch

based in LLDPE, LDPE resin. Active additive contains rapidly migrates to film surface, reducing the contact angle of condensed water droplets, giving anti-fogging effect to finale product, condensation of water vapor is created by a temperature gradient up to and across a film.


The appearance of condensation is also affected by the difference in surface tension between condensed water vapor and the film’s surface. Pure Polymers Additives offering Antifog MB are use in food packaging to improve the aesthetics by reducing the beaded appearance of fogged sheet or film.

anti fog peaches in plastic

Pure Polymers

Pure Polymers film Additives are use a high-performance property and blend of ingredients additives in Antifog MB that migrate to the surface of the film or sheet and reduce the surface tension of the water droplets that may form. Internal additives must maintain a balance of incompatibility that allows them to migrate while not easily washing’ off and out of the polymer matrix. They must also comply with durability criteria that will give them a time period of effectiveness that is suitable to the application. Polyolefin’s such as PE and PP have a surface that is particularly hydrophobic and the intent of the Antifog is to increase the surface energy. When the surface tension is decreased water beads tend to ‘wet out’ meaning the contact angle is reduced. The reduced contact angle improves transparency and negative aesthetic qualities are reduced.

Food quality does not deteriorate for longer time


Antifog Masterbatch

Antifog Masterbatch takes into consideration the film thickness, process conditions, service conditions, processing methods, and regulatory requirements when prescribing an Antifog
masterbatch. All of our masterbatches are pelletized, dry, and free-flowing making them suitable for film or sheet packaging in cold and hot food contact applications. They provide excellent clarity and thermal stability at low use levels.

Mode of Action

Antifog Masterbatch is result of combination of two chemistry, which prevents formation of water droplets

• Prevents water droplet cloudiness meets heat stability, low volatility.
• Prevents vapour (pressure of water) formation during film
production without yellowing effect and any negative influence over
transparency & odor of the films


Benefits of Anti-fog Masterbatch

It allows perfect transparency of food packaging.

It improves visual attractiveness of content.

Food quality does not deteriorate for longer time.

Useful in eliminating Hot and Cold fog formation.

Improves the light transmission in agriculture film resulting in higher plant growth.

Reduces the burning of plants and crop spoilage.

True universal compatibility in LOPE, LLDPEPP, PVC, PVDC, and EVA films.

Material Characteristics:

• Excellent improved degradation & surface staining.

• Excellent improved processing speed & higher production rates.

• Easy processing without affecting the mechanical properties of the end products

Antifogging MB has been recommended for the films, Thermoforming food packaging.